Effnet AB  

Board of directors

Hans Runesten

Chairman of the Board since 2016.

Chairman of previous parent companies of Effnet since 2011. Board member of previous parent companies 2001-2011. Co-founder of AB Sagax 2004 and member of its board 2004-2007. Chief Executive Officer of the Effnet and Factum holding companies 2003-2009.

Born in 1956. B.Sc. in Economics from Stockholm University.

Hans has extensive international experience from the financial industry and has also worked with the European Commission in Brussels. Hans has previously been active within the EuroNordic Group and Mellon Bank in London and in the USA, where he held a number of management positions at various levels. Prior to that, he worked for Deutsche Bank in Germany.

Hans is Chairman of Axxonen Properties AB and board member of Stendörren Fastigheter AB and Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB.

Shareholding: 856 923 shares

Göran E Larsson

Board Member since 2016.

Board member of previous parent companies of Effnet since 2001 (Chairman 2006-2011). Co-founder of AB Sagax 2004 and Chairman of the board 2004-2016.

Born in 1943. M.Sc. in Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and M.Sc. in Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Göran is board member of Habia Cable AB. Göran has previously been Chairman of the board of AB Sagax, ReadSoft AB, Aqueri Holding AB, QlickTech International AB, Sandrew Metronome AB, Tolerans AB and Bygg-Oleba Olle Engkvist AB among others. Göran has also been Chief Executive Officer of Interforward AB, Micronic Laser Systems AB, Norstedts Tryckeri AB, Standard Radio AB and Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå AB among other companies. Göran is also senior adviser to Evli Bank Plc.

Shareholding: 856 923 shares

Erik Nerpin

Board Member since 2016.

Board member of previous parent companies of Effnet since 2009.

Born in 1961. LL.B. (jur kand) from Uppsala University. LL.M. in International Banking Law from Boston University School of Law, Boston, MA.

Erik is an attorney, member of the Swedish Bar Association and founder of the attorney firm Advokatfirman Nerpin AB. Erik is specialised in corporate law and securities law and has extensive experience in stock exchange related transactions such as IPO:s, take-overs, new issues, M&A, restructurings and corporate governance issues.

Erik is Chairman of Kancera AB, Diamyd Medical AB, Blasieholmen Investment Group Equity AB and Blasieholmen Investment Group Seed AB. Erik is also board member of Nicoccino Holding AB.

Shareholding: 40 000 shares


Auditing firm KPMG AB with Authorized Public Accountant Gunnar Karlsson as auditor-in-charge.


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